Creamy Berry Nicecream

Papaya and marine collagen are a perfect match. Vitamin C, when paired with collagen, increases the production in the body and is amazing for the skin and immune system. So naturally, they are a great couple and raise the bar of nutrient rich foods.

It's warming up now, and I know we will have  have plenty around soon. If you don't find red papaya, then bananas will do the trick!

I get so excited about the change of seasons and foods available. It makes me think of new recipes, cooking ideas and the best way to utalise what I have in the fridge. However, I love simplicity and this is 100% that. All you need is Wild Collagen Reds and half a frozen papaya.


500g of frozen papaya (or bananas) - deseed and chop this the night before. 

3 Tbs of Wild Collagen Reds



I had to stop and scrape down a few times and this will depends on your type of blender.

I highly recommend you don't add much liquid at all, however I have added coconut water if I put the collagen in due to it being a dry powder. But the secret to a good textured icecream and smoothie bowl is NO liquid. How ever 

I usually don't consume the whole amount and save the rest in the freezer for another time. This amount is perfect for 2 -3 people.

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