5 Reasons Why I Use Collagen

If collagen is the most abundant protein in our body...then why do we need to take more of it? 

Reason number 1

Marine collagen powders (or supplements) are a must-haves as they help to support the production of one of the most important molecules present in the body, however the natural collagen in the human body depletes very fast. This is the main reason cosmetic and health industries incorporate collagen as a major ingredient in their products.

Reason number 2

Collagen promotes heart health, boosts muscle mass, relieves joint pain, protects important body organs, and even enhances gut health...the list is endless.

Reason number 3

Short chain amino acids, peptides, can act as messengers sending signals within skin structure to strengthen proteins such as keratin and elastin. They play a key role in skin healing and counteract the visible signs of ageing.

Reason number 4

Marine collagen consists of smaller peptides, meaning that it also has superior bioavailability (the body’s ability to actually use the collagen once you take it) than other types of collagen.

Why Wild Collagen Reds in particular?

I was so sick of finding fillers and flavours in my powders that I decided to make it myself with other bio-enhancing ingredients that support one another.

The key active ingredients present in Wild Collagen Reds are organic blackcurrant, beetroot, raspberry and wild caught marine collagen. All these ingredients work together to help you enhance collagen production, muscle recovery, aerobic capacity, support the immune system, increase skin hydration, and increase skin elasticity.

Wild Collagen Reds is clean with no colours, preservative or flavour. Its sourced sustainably so you can have the peace of mind that you are not consuming hormone filled, heavy metal and grain fed foods. 


Wild Collagen Reds 


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