My four must consume foods to avoid leather strap skin.

When I say this, I mean when you see the middle aged population looking like a leather brown strap at the beach…the ones that are so brown and tan that you could easily be confused with the latest leather hand bags. 

I remember seeing this guy at my local beach that had definitely been there for too many hours (or years) at the beach. I vowed to never go that way (hard to say that as an obsessed surfer) so I make made sure I consumed for the not only inner health, but also outer care. Here are my four must consume weekly foods. 

Bone Broth

You can’t go wrong with bone broth. Not only great for the skin, but amazing for the gut and collagen production. It has so many minerals, amino acids and and fats that make it a must in any diet. 


My favourite food (or one of them) is a skin food must. Sourcing it is harder than I would like it to be but it is rich in fatty acids, D, E, and B’s which are excellent for hair, skin and nails. 


Good fats will plump, hydrate your skin, protect against UV damage and are major anti-inflammatory. Thankfully we don’t live in the 90’s to now know that fat is a super food when it comes to health.


Marine collagen is know for the major benefit in skin, but is a superfood for so many other vital processes in the body. It supports gut health, inflammation, sleep, muscle repair, weight, longevity and can prevent injury and bone deterioration. Find the best marine collagen here. 

Also...don't forget WATER WATER WATER. 

Much love. Quality Matters.

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- Frederique Sigafoose

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