Why you shouldn't buy any regular collagen.

Why Opt for Wild Caught Marine Collagen?

Wild caught marine collagen has emerged as a potent alternative for individuals seeking collagen supplementation, particularly for those exploring options beyond bovine collagen sources. When selecting the optimal marine collagen, a crucial consideration is whether to choose farmed or wild caught marine collagen. Delving deeper into the nuances beyond the headlines is essential, as wild caught marine collagen offers distinct health benefits compared to its farmed counterpart.

Marine collagen peptides, comprising amino acid sequences derived from collagen or gelatin through hydrolysis, undergo unique production processes in wild caught marine versus farmed marine collagen. These disparities influence the purity profiles and amino acid composition of the collagen source. Given the pivotal role collagen plays in supporting robust bodies, scrutinising the origin of your fish collagen becomes imperative to fully harness the spectrum of benefits it offers.

The Advantages of Opting for Wild Caught Marine Collagen

While bovine collagen is derived from cows and porcine collagen from pigs, marine collagen becomes a favoured choice for individuals avoiding red meat yet seeking the myriad benefits associated with collagen supplements.

That Healthy Co's Marine Collagen is a 100% pure natural fish collagen peptide sourced from premium wild caught fish that is MSC approved, ensuring adherence to sustainable fishing practices.

Distinguishing Between Wild Caught and Farmed Collagen Supplements

Identifying whether your collagen supplement is wild caught or farmed is crucial. Unless explicitly stated by your collagen supplier, it is likely sourced from farmed fish, leading to a decline in raw material quality and adverse environmental impacts. Fish farms often result in overcrowded conditions, with waste products contaminating waterways and ecosystems. Moreover, farmed fish encounter higher disease rates, necessitating increased use of chemicals and antibiotics.

In contrast, That Healthy Co's wild caught Marine Collagen is sourced from the highest quality fish, employing sustainable fishing practices. This commitment results in a superior end product, ensuring that consumers maximise the pure health benefits offered by wild caught marine collagen. For those seeking excellence in collagen supplementation, That Healthy Co's premium Marine Collagen stands as the ideal choice.

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