10 Ways to Incorporate Wild Collagen Reds Daily

1. Carbonated Water

     Add Wild Collagen Reds to 400ml of sparkling water. Yes, yes I did say that. It's actually a delicious summer drink! Stir to combine (watch for the froth) and consume slowly. Reminded me of those pink lemonade drinks we had as kids called spiders but without the ice cream. Delicious!

    2. Chia Pudding

    Cold or warm, add 2 tbsp of Wild Collagen Reds to your favourite chia pudding recipe or leave them to soak over night. This one here is a great start

    Chia Pudding

    3. Porridge

    Add 2 tbsp of Wild Collagen Reds to your morning porridge. Or use this recipe here that I created for it. Make sure to add this at the very end when the oats have cooked. Stir in until combined for a natural berry flavoured porridge. I also love Jamie Oliver's recipe, you will find his here.

     4. Smoothie bowl

     I add this to my smoothie bowls all the time and has to be my favourite way to use it. Add 2 tbsp of Wild Collagen Reds to your morning smoothie bowl or try my favourite one here!

    Eating a bowl on the couch
    5. Smoothies

     Add it in to anything really. But my favourite is banana, 1 packet of pure (no added sugar) açai, 2 tbsp of collagen, coconut water and 2 dates with ginger - BLEND!

    6. Gelatin Gummies

     Double protein powder with the added gelatine and collagen blend. This would be a jam packed powerhouse jelly! A great go-to recipe is here

    8. Red Latte

    Collagen latte

    Mix 2 Tbsp of Wild Collagen reds with some 50ml of hot water until dissolved. Heat up with your choice of milk over a stove, barrister wand or in the thermomix - heat 70 degrees for about 3-4 minutes, speed 4. YUM! You can find a more detailed recipe here.

    9. Protein Ball

    My favourite go to protein balls you will find here. They are hands down better than the shops with a kick of ginger (optional)

    Collagen Protein Balls

     10. Water

    You know the drill - 200ml of water or juice and combine it with 2 tbsp of Collagen Reds

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